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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meet your neighbour: cupcake your community

documentation for photo-litho print, 'cupcake your community', 2006.

silk screen t-shirt, as part of 'cupcake your community', 2006.

lists of tenant names, documentation for cupcake your community, 2006.

cupcake your community: photo-litho print on fabriano edition of 5 and t-shirt, 2006.

Following the ideas from 'meet your neighbour' i came up with this project for a lithography elective in my third year of my fine art studies.

I decided to bake cupcakes for our block of flats. I gathered ingredients from the newly-met tenants from each flat- and subsequently baked cupcakes.

I delivered the cupcakes- three to each door. Each contained a tiny piece of paper with names of residents printed onto them. Each recipient had to choose three flat numbers, any except their own. This ‘fortune cookie’ approach was my attempt at spreading the idea of meeting one's neighbour.

I enjoy the idea of someone’s neighbour giving a few simple ingredients and receiving in return, a unit made up of the participation and ingredients of all the other flats.

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