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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Magical Photo Booth

I was invited to participate and create art for the DEDT booth at the Design Indaba 2008.
I wanted to interact with the viewers directly, and so I came up with two separate projects for the two days i spent there. The first day i set up a take away 'Free Mielie Pap' Stall and on the second day A 'Magical photo booth' where people could have their picture taken with a projected background.

Our booth won the award for best creative stand at the Indaba.
For more info on the Design Indaba and the DEDT booth please visit www.designindaba2008.blogspot.com


Booth portrait with jellyfish projection, 2008.

Booth portrait with dragonflies, 2008.

Booth portrait of Jonathan with T-rex, 2008.

Booth portrait with jungle projection, 2008.

A view of the booth, 2008.

Portrait of Chuma with Escher graphic art projection, 2008

Booth portrait with tiger projection, 2008.

Booth portrait with Dali-painting projection, 2008.


Anonymous said...

how dull and boring. you project images that are not your own!!! hello? copyright, integrity, brains!?!

artist & photographer said...

Dear anon.
I consciously chose those images as they are some of my favourites from art history or some other random pics i thought could create a cool atmosphere. I also chose images i thought other people could relate to, as the artwork is about my interaction with them as well as their imagination within the photo booth. I wanted to create a space where they could be something else, even if it only existed in their minds. I hope that brings some clarity to your frustration.