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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take-Away Mielie Pap

I was invited to participate and create art for the DEDT booth at the Design Indaba 2008.
I wanted to interact with the viewers directly, and so I came up with two separate projects for the two days i spent there. The first day i set up a take away 'Free Mielie Pap' Stall and on the second day A 'Magical photo booth' where people could have their picture taken with a projected background.

Our booth won the award for best creative stand at the Indaba.
For more info on the Design Indaba and the DEDT booth please visit www.designindaba2008.blogspot.com

a view of the DEDT booth with me making mielie pap on the left, 2008.

the free take away mielie pap stand, 2008.

close-up of the gear used for pap-making, 2008.

a performer investigates the pap-making, 2008.

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