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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Graduate Exhibition work

Phantasmagorical Menagerie

“Then at thy nod the phantoms pass away; no traces left of all the busy scene, but remembrance says- the things have been.”

-Samuel Boyse.

The Deity, circa 18th C.

By projecting written history, archival material and illustrations from the 16th-21st century into and onto real, specific sites, I contrast colonialist’s experience as adventurers / explorers with my own experience of today.

Through my art I imagine the City of Cape Town filled with live, wild animals- combining a vision of the past with my presently-observed surroundings.

The imaginary and the real become intermingled; the present and memory from print fuse into one when ideas from the past are made visible through the transient light of the projector.

My interventions are translated into photographs to leave proof of the performance/happening. Therefore the work functions within the site and in printed form.

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